I want to start by sharing a little about myself and my history with our favorite cars. My first car, which I bought when I was almost 15 was a 1974 Vega GT in medium green with a 4 speed. I bought it slightly used with under 18,000 miles on it. I learned to drive a stick with that car and also learned basic car maintenance from my late father maintaining it. In the winter of 1976 my dad informed me that he saw a Vega at the local Chevrolet dealer that was nothing like he had ever seen (and he would have known because he owned several Vegas, most of which were bought new). Needless to say we went to go look at it. It was a1976 Notchback Sport Coupe with Cabriolet
Package and was black with silver vinyl top, oh and 5 speed. The question left was, "do you want it?" Because I had worked from the time I was about 9 years old and saved almost all the money I made, the time between the question and answer was about 1 second. Soooooo, that was the second car. And I would be re-miss if I did not mention that the out the door price was $2974.


I never actually saw or watched an ad or commercial for the 1 Vega for the price of 2, and further was not aware of the Cosworth Vega until a few years later. I can't blame just the price, but more likely a busy lifestyle in the Army and following that being busy with family and maybe a few bad habits. That being said, in 1986 while living in Lincoln,
Nebraska I did run across one. It was a mid 40's K miles 1976 in black with black interior. It had been sitting on the lot (used car) for quite some time and had been assigned a spot in the row closest to the street. For many other than us in the snow belt that little fact would probably be met with a "so what". The poor thing sat with the hatch
lid facing the street which meant when the snow plow went by, which they went by a lot back in those years, the nasty mix of snow, salt and sand was thrown on top of the willing and waiting Cosworth. The day I looked at the car the first thing I noticed was that I could see daylight on the pavement looking down and through the top of the hatch
lid. I must add, I still was not concerned enough to not ask how much was this rare beast. And that was when I about fell over, $4900! Can you spell no sale?


Many years and many other things happen, some I will share here and others will be shared in other settings, around 2005 I run across a Firethorn CV once again in Lincoln, Nebraska. Once again wanting to try my hand at Cosworth ownership I went and checked it out, found things I really did not want to deal with, but still got to price. This
time the number was 6K and once again I was a no buyer. In August 2007 while browsing eBay I found a 1976 Cabriolet, which at that time I had not seen one in years. By the end of that month the car was in my building. Fast forward to the winter of 2016 and the equivilent of at least 5 new Cosworths, money wise, the restoration was complete on the Cabriolet. The 2016 car show season was very busy (showed the Cabriolet at least 20 times), one outing was to the 50th Anniversary of Lordstown Assembly in Ohio. At that event I met several CVOA
members and following that decided to join the CVOA. I attended the 2016 CVOA Roundup in Green Bay, showing the Cabriolet in the Concours in the unlimited class. Shortly after that I came across #1930 that belonged to a very nice man in DeLand, Florida. A deal was made and a road trip later #1930 is now a member of my car club. #1930 is not what I would call a show car and it is not completely stock, although it is close. It is just a blast to drive and I just never get tired of all the conversations that happen when at a show or just out for a drive.


My mission as region director is to get our region as much attention as possible, get some outings for us and our cars, help and assist with keeping our cars going and maybe get more owners involved. And just maybe one day we can get together and I can learn a little about each of you. I look forward to meeting and visiting with all of you and hope
you will share any ideas or desires you have of the CVOA. 

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