CV #3493 Under Restoration, Owner Cathy Dempsey

CV #3493 is currently undergoing a full restoration. See pics of the process as the car is getting put back together.

CV #3338 Recent Restoration, Owner Wayne Smith

My interest in the Cosworth Vega marque began way back in 1975, after reading everything about the GM project followed by a visit to Lally Fiedler Chevrolet in Bedford, Ohio.  There in the middle of the showroom sat a shiny black '75 with all the trimmings.  After a look at the window sticker and a quick reality check (two kids under 5 years old), I soon opted for a 1975 El Camino to be used for both work and commuting.  This decision turned out to be far more practical and lots cheaper!


My interest in the Cosworth dimmed but never died over the ensuing many years.  Then, in the fall of 2011, when a friend called and told me about an Orange 1976 CV with a For Sale sign that he had seen at a local car show, I just had to go see it.  My wife and I took a trip to nearby Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio to see the car.  When we pulled in the drive and saw, it my wife promptly said, “I know we are going to buy it since it is Orange!”  (My favorite color.)  Right she was.  After a bit of negotiating a deal was struck and the CV came home with us.


#3338 has certainly had its issues!  The engine ran poorly and puffed smoke, and it had collision damage from sliding downhill into a tree, just to name a two.  The decision was made to restore the car as accurately as possible without breaking the bank!  So over the past 6 years, I have done everything from welding on new panels (right rear quarter and a roof section) to rebuilding the engine and adding Webers.


The only work that was farmed out was the interior, the valve job, the paint and the exhaust system. 


I had a difficult time finding a body shop that was willing to do the work within my budget.  It turned out to require 80 man hours over a period of two months at a body shop that was part of a local Mazda dealership.  Upon completion the body shop manager thanked me for bringing it in since it was not their usual work and provided fill for slow times since I was not in a hurry. 


The exhaust system was built from 2 ½ inch stainless, mandrel bent all the way from the header to the left rear quarter, situated in pretty much the stock location.  After completion and a test run, the shop decided to add a resonator ahead of the rear axle to achieve a more throaty sound.  The fabrication and installation work was all done by Steve's Auto Service in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.


When the car was finally ready to drive in May of 2016, the debugging began!  That was fun.  And a challenge.  And rewarding.


One of 3338’s first outings was to a local weekly car show in Solon (Rock-N-Roll Capital Street Machines); it happened to be Forgotten Classics night, so #3338 naturally fit right in, and, much to my surprise and pleasure, it won!  My closest competition was a V8 Gremlin.


The organizers of the show told me that by winning the weekly trophy I would be in the competition for the Cruiser of the Year award, to be decided in September.  Fast forward to September 2017. 


The Cruiser of the Year competition brought back all of the amazing cars that had won the weekly shows.  There was a lot of tough competition, a lot of very impressive cars.  Much to my amazement the judges decided that there were too many Camaros, Chevelles and Mustangs winning everything—that they were boring!—and that something fresh would be the best choice.  What could be fresher, and more unique, than a Cosworth Vega?  I couldn’t think of anything, and neither could the judges.  So lo and behold, the little orange non-boring Cosworth had the just the right amount of cachet to win Cruiser of the Year! 


Not only did #3338 receive a giant trophy, it also was invited to sit on the display turntable in the Summit Racing headquarters’ front window in Tallmadge Ohio for a month.  What an honor!  What a prize!  It made all of my hard work more than worthwhile.


Despite all of my efforts and the win, my restoration is still not complete.  Little details here and there are yet to be addressed.  Nevertheless, next year promises to be great fun.  With most of the bugs already exterminated, I can concentrate on driving and enjoying the fruits of my tremendous time and labor investment over the last 6 years.

Article Written by: Mark Rock

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Dale Malin's Custom CV #0711
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