John Gothing, MD

CV #2973 Owner John Gothing, MD
John is currently bringing his CV back to roadworthiness. Latest updates include re-sealing his rare optioned SkyTrends Sunroof, new bushings on the front end sway bar. 

CV #3177 Owner Craig Fetter, MD

CV #3177 Owner Craig Fetter, MD
Craig is currently getting CV #3177 up and running again. He just purchased the car a few months ago. This car was featured in the CVOA National Magazine after the 1989 Des Moines, Iowa Roundup. This car has Nitrous Installed, a roll cage, and is the rare Medium Saddle Metallic Color.

B Sedan/ GT3 Cosworth Vega Racecar

Dan McNally is currnetly working on preparing a road course legal B Sedan Cosworth Vega racecar. 
To see more or discuss possible work let's talk >>

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