CV #2836, Owned By Roger Rome


Hello to all current and past members of the CVOA. My name is Mark Nizer and I am the new North East Regional Director of the CVOA. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and send all of you my e-mail so that you can get in touch with me with any questions or suggestions you may have. I took the North East members list, both past and present, to create this email group. If you would no longer like to receive information, please just shoot me a quick email and I will remove you from the list. I would first like to encourage all past members to rejoin to enjoy the full benefits of CVOA membership and to check out the brand new website that was created for the group. If however you don't wish to rejoin at this time, no worries, I will still include you on emails and update you as to what's going on with the group. 


    A little bit about me. I live in upstate New York just outside of Albany and have been an h-body (more specifically Vega) fan since I was 14. My first car was a 75 Vega that was a father/son project that never quite got finished. A couple of years ago my dad and I purchased another 75 and are in the process of completing my high school dream Vega. Some of you may have seen my posts on Facebook. It's a 4 speed, 4 cylinder with a performance cam, header, and Offenhauser manifold with a Holley 4bbl. We call it the Vega 444 (4 cylinder, 4 barrel, 4 speed). While working on this project, I happened to come into a 75 Cosworth, number 1704. Not much work has been done to it yet, but I did purchase a new motor with the Weber set up and once the 444 is off to paint, I'm hoping to dig into the Cosworth.


    While I am no stranger to Vegas, I'm pretty new to the Cosworth scene, so I'm hoping to learn a lot from this group as I make headway on my 75. I'm looking forward to working with all of you and seeing you at some of the shows this summer. My hope is to gather a bunch of us for some car shows this coming year and make a good showing of Cosworths and other h-body cars. I know in the past that the show in Rhinebeck, NY was frequented by many Cosworth owners and I'm hoping to reinvigorate that show.


    Thanks for your time. Hope all of you had a great holiday, and have a wonderful new year. I'll be sending out updates about once a month, so look for my email at the end of January. If you need to get in touch with me, my e-mail is, or I can be reached at 518-269-9084.

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T: 518-269-9084


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